Chapter 1: Soothing all the sobbing
This is me!
Hi, I'm Sara. Pleased to meet you!

I live on Oak Tree Island with my family and some friends. This truly magical place was built on one hundred oak trees (I've counted them myself). I don't really know how the island got here, though. I'm guessing the gnomes have something to do with it.

I still discover new places every day. It's like they keep on popping up from one day to another. Really! It's like people can just mention random stuff they want in some kind of book and BAM! There it is!

I could show you around. But first, I'll go and get Gran to fix my boo-boo. And while we're on that: I do tend to cry quite often... inceasingly!

This is Gran

Man, is she a good boo-boo fixer or what! She is the wisest woman I've ever known and she is always there for me! She mainly likes:

Whenever I'm in trouble or I feel sad, I go to her and she uses her Wonder Spray on me. It's basically an accurately dosed mixture of wisdom, woe wash and warmth. It might have a secret ingredient or two as well.

We're going for a walk now, to see what else is new on the island today! Why don't you join us?

Look! There's Mom

Mom is a remarkably hard worker.

Boo-boo fixing is clearly in her blood: she is a true genius in making people better. Whether they are feeling woozy or worn out or weakened, she always has some tricks up her sleeve.

She makes her own potions and bandages. We are a family that tends to get injured quite often, bumping into the sharp edges in life. So it sure is a welcome talent of hers.

Another talent of hers: reading Gran's mind. Gran never nags when she's hit a hindrance. But then Mom looks into her eyes and it's like she reads her agony. Luckily, Mom always finds a fix.

I do wonder about the agony of Gran though, it worries me every time Mom has to conjure a cure for her.

Ssst, aunt Anna at work...

My aunt Anna bakes a lot of cakes. Like, really: a lot. She likes tasting them very - VERY thoroughly as well... But hey, wouldn't you? They are simply so sweet and stunning, I cannot resist them!

Apart from the baking, she is the best messenger on the Island. Whenever something is going on on or around the island, she always finds it out first.

You definitely never get bored around her!

Uncle Anthony! UNCLE ANTHONY! UNC- oh never mind...

Might not be the best listener. Too many explosions, I guess...

He is very handy, though! The way he can craft stuff, is mind-blowing. I secretly think he's a wizard. A very absentminded wizard, mind you. But an exceedingly good one!

Sometimes, I wonder if he ever sleeps. It's like he's devising and designing day and night, realizing ingenious inventions for everyone on the island.

Aunt Leia?! Home?

What a miracle! She's home! Most of the time, she's travelling around the whole wide world

But then she comes back... with souvenirs! On every trip, she discovers new products and places. On the island as well, she knows the way like the back of her hand. She's the master of secret passageways and can just pop up somewhere, out of the blue.

Maybe she wants to j- oh, she's off again.

Hey, would you look at that!
Our walk has lead us to a brand new bar! It looks really cosy.

Let's follow Gran and have a seat. Gran has ordered you a port already, I see.
She always does that whenever she has a story to tell.
Now how about some buffalo wings for the table?